Carey, Owner and Curator

Carey McClement, Resident of Wellesley, Ontario, where she lives with her beloved Husband and best friend Brandon.  It is not often you see them apart, and typically walking hand in hand.

Mother of two, Kierstan, her "always friend" and daughter is 21 and resides in Kitchener, and Michael, currently enrolled in Blyth Academy in Waterloo is 16.

Born and raised in Kitchener, an alumni of Eastwood Collegiate, Carey spent her career focused in the Financial sector until October 2015.

Lucy Pearlles has evolved and changed over the years, but Carey has always stayed true to her passion for vintage furniture and refinishing services.

A series of life events lead her to the teachings of Abraham and an ongoing spiritual journey of self happiness and vibrational manifestation.  Carey approach to business is through Spirit and works closely with a Spirit Coach.

Carey is best described as a Doer, dreamer, creator and artist.  She is filled with inspiration and stories, and always up for a great conversation.

Carey McClement is a leading Social Entrepreneur, focused on changing the way we consume.