Vintage Wonderland

Vintage Wonderland

They say pictures are worth One Thousand Words, since words have never flown overly well for me, I figure I will tell a story with pictures.

Let me take you back in time, a time you will remember from the words spoken from your grand parents or possible their parents.  

Let me take you to a time when a stroll through the market on a Saturday afternoon was a standard family outing.  A place were everyone could find the best treasures.

A time when you are greeted with lemonade and a young teen smiling in eagerness to welcome you.  

Doesn't that sound like a nice place?  Well I hope it paints the picture for the event I am about to share with you!

On Saturday June 4th in the small town of Shakespeare on a picturesque farm, we brought together 30 local vintage inspired vendors, a playlist that took you back into time, and the friendliest group of volunteers one could ever ask for.

So allow the pictures to speak for themselves.  All pictures are courtesy of my volunteers, and all reviews can be seen as written on our Facebook page.  If you  want to keep up to date on all we do you know you can follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook :)





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  • Carey McClement