My next project

My next project

Things happen for a reason!  Without fail, there is always a reason why things seem to get out of control.  In a matter of a few days my entire business plan (or what I thought I had planned) exploded.  

None of it in my control, it was like I went into this other dimension, where the entire foundation in which I built my business was pulled from under me.

To bed I went, I sulked for about 12 hours, and then I realised.  I chose how I react to what has happened.  If you have ever met me, you know I am stubborn and I have a whole lotta fight in me.  I don't stop until I succeed and appreciate all failures as lessons and opportunities.

I have been told I have a lot of gumption!  I like that word.With gumption comes people who don't like you, and will make it their effort to attempt to destroy what you have built.

So enough about that!! Let's just concentrate on what I did.  I decided to move the business in a slightly different direction.  I reached out to new and old colleagues to discuss my strength and weaknesses to determine if my new plan would really be a good fit.  With the overwhelming support, I decided to move to step 2.....  Talk to the other half for funding..dun dun dun!!!

Well plans in place, funds are available, Support network to cheer me on and keep me positive when everything seems to go wrong.  Now to find the location!!!!

As usual I went to google and as usual the first place that came up was PERFECT! If you could see past the dirt, mildew, and the fact that it was simply a 134 Year old basement of an old mill!

I saw Chandeliers, the finest vintage treasures, and inviting studio space for lessons, crafts, rentals....  a vintage marketplace for multiple vendors, a place for local handcrafters and a Market.  A one of a kind, vintage inspired pop up market along the creeks edge, boasting a fresh  veg garden straight down the middle.

I saw community space being created, I saw life in an old building.  Most of all I found where I need to be!  

with hopes to build some strong ties in the community and with the other local businesses.  I strive to bring new life and new success for many.


I hope you will follow me along this journey, as I embark onto the renovations, designs and everything in between.  When will we open?  We can't confirm and although we are anxious, we also want to make sure we open with with a firm foundation.  We have watched so many colleagues open and close within 6-7 months.  We don't want that.  SO we are building slow, with all permits and regulations met, with strong relationship with new vendors and the community.

Lucy Pearlle is super exicted to be joining the Quaint Town of Wellesley!

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