My Business is doing what I love

My Business is doing what I love

I trust Divine Intelligence to influence my business, and I go from success to success.

What tools do you use in your personal life to keep you motivated and authentic to yourself?

For me, it's the power of meditation.  I can spend as much or as little time as I need and/or want, it costs me no money, can be used anywhere at almost anytime and provides me the most guidance.

Being present in your life is the best choice you could make.  We all have a person inside us that only we know.  We all have dreams and aspirations.

Trust and allow the life to flow within you. 

If I told you that with imagination, patience and believe all of the things you wish for will arrive, would you believe me? 

It is thru my meditation, day dreaming, and honest believe that I deserved this, that Lucy Pearlle Studio and Vintage Market came alive.   I work everyday with my focus being this business, and I can't believe its taken me this long to actually move forward.

So today's meditation is brought to you by one of my favorite authors of the self help variety Louise L. Hay, from her book Meditations to heal your life.  My mom gave me this book many many many years ago, and I use it always.

Thanks Mom I Love you



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  • Carey McClement