I have the BEST OF THE BEST team built for my small business.

Amanda - my first, always holds a special spot! I remember meeting her, then meeting her again and again. And again... we talked about her “she’d”naigans and I loved every second of her enthusiasm about my shoppe and her general Little spunky nature. Amanda will now be your Sunday connection. She has covered for my vacations and also when I just need to be sick in bed. It’s like leaving your baby everyone! Lucy Pearlle’s is my baby and I trust Amanda with her

My Mya - I met Mya when she came into my shoppe with her mom. We always chatted about school, We talked about her interest in skating and also photography. I learned a lot about Mya on their visits. So I first asked Mya to volunteer for me and she was excited to participate and took leadership. I knew I had to have her on my team! I can’t wait to watch her grow in her role with Us as we grow. You will want to be watching.

Val - I can’t even tell you the moment I met Val because quite frankly I feel like there was never a time without her. Val has a passion for life that doesn’t come around often, she is genuinely one of my #1 fans! I aspire to have that kindness and genuine passion for another’s success one day! Val and I are one in the same in so many ways. I feel as if we can equally learn and teach with one another. You can often find us belting out tunes and chatting through the floors.

And we are looking to add to our team. But if you see the theme above you will understand that I don’t hire based on skills, or a resume ever..... I hire because of the vibe I get. The way I feel when I connect with you. So I’m looking for a Saturday girl they will ideally start somewhere around March. Maybe there will be more hours but I have no idea at this time :)

If you read this far. I ️ you!

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