If it was easy everyone would do it


To say that I am going about this journey of building this business easily would be a lie.  On the outside its very easy to pretend everything is going smoothly.

This is the hardest journey I have ever embarked on, from the moment I lost my career October 2015 til now has been the hardest times I have faced.  

When there is a moment in your life that literally spins you out of control and you have no control over it, it consumes you.  You begin to wonder what you did to deserve this and why does everything have to change?


This is all I know, I am only dealt what I can handle in life.  I will achieve anything I put my energy into with love as the motivator. 

Obstacles are thrown at you to ensure this is what you really want, often people run and hide when it gets tough.  I have, on several occasions.  But this time, nothing will stop me!!!!  I will stand firm on my decisions and continue to fight towards my dream!

Remember if it was easy, everyone would have done it!




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  • Carey McClement