I believe in you

I believe in you

Confidence level of an entrepreneur can vary in any moment.  One second you are on top of the world, with what you think is a great idea.  Then the next you are wondering why you made the decisions you did.

Without someone to instruct and dictate your next steps, you are in a position most of us were never trained for.  From childhood we are taught be others, guided and directed and told what to do.  When the moment arrives that you make that direction it can be overwhelming.

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I am sitting in my new gathering space, reflecting on the past direction I have taken with my business.  Many decisions not authentic to what I wanted, but done out of fear for the need to have a crutch.  I have partnered with other women that have caused me to question every direction I had made to that point of my business. 

You see I am a business owner that does this for far more than the financial return.  To me, time, experience and laughter mean more than the dollar bills.  I believe every service, product and experience I provide shall return the receiver more joy in return than dollars spent.

Some days I feel confident in the direction I have decided to go, others I feel terrified and yet once again I have ruined my life.  This is dramatic and not true of course. I have certainly not ruined my life.  I have found joy in the unknown.  I have found joy in the knowing that it's up to me.  I found this confidence level of trusting that I am truly my best decision maker, and also the best one to determine my worth.  

I have built my brand from concept, to idea, to plan, to execution to launch.  I have built a 6 figure brand from year one and to date with over a half million dollars in sales.  how?  trusting myself  how?  being grateful for all that is  how? releasing all things and people that did not serve my goals and purpose  how?  determination   how?  believing my desirability and worth  how? by just being me  how? spirit  how? following obstacles as lessons

Here is what you must truly know...

Your business is to show up everyday and do your best, to believe in yourself and make your wishes known.

I believe in you, do you?


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  • Carey McClement