It takes courage.  Courage to expose your ideas, courage to expose your thoughts and courage to expose your dreams!  

I am a women that likes my feet firmly planted on the ground.  I don't take risks, I don't bungee jump.  I don't ski, sky dive, scuba dive or even swim for that matter.

I like my feet FIRMLY planted on the ground.  All those other events take courage.  I am a scaredy cat.  Always have been.  

But here I am, I took the courage of a jump.  A major risk, a risk with no promise of return.  At the beginning this was easy because I had a partner that supported me financially.  But after only 1 year in business, with a 3 year plan of no profits, my husband lost his job.  Now this turned into a major risk!!!

My business could not handle the load of supporting a household, but thats what the universe gave me.  I contemplated closing my business and going back to what I know could easily turn a 6 figure income and put my family back on track.  While contemplating this idea, I knew it was not what I could do.  

Why was I so scared to take care of my family, why didn't I believe I could do it?  I had doubt, self doubt in my abilities and ideas.  But I made a commitment to myself, that I would create and build Lucy Pearlle. 

 There is no guarantee  that it will work.  

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  • Carey McClement