Beeswax Finish

Beeswax Finish

So You have painted your first piece!


Waxing Directions


Taking Your Furniture From "Ignored to Adored" – Pamela Stiles, owner and founder of Bluestone House.

So you are ready to add your wax !!!

Once you have painted your piece and it is completely dry, sanded and distressed to a smooth finish, and you are totally happy with your piece, you are ready to wax !

Bluestone House blend of Natural Beeswax & Orange Oil is second to none !  And Now it comes in a SOFT VERSION, and we use this product on all of our finishes products at Lucy Pearlles.



Image from Bluestone House TM


I recommend this to everyone - no-matter what you are finishing ! It has a beautiful an erratic sheen that simulates the uneven sheen of an authentic antique.
It's durability is second to none !

And the smell is dreamy !!! honey & orange ! WOW !

Bluestone House™ also offers a variety of Antique waxes, to enhance your patina.
They are all soft waxes and are easily applied with a cloth.

Apply only on a smoothed out surface - so be sure to lightly sand your "Chalky Patina" first.

TIP: If you look at it on an angle in the light, you can see if you have been missed spots.

Once you have applied the wax, one section at a time, - buff it to a ultimate sheen, using a clean buffing cloth. I like to buff in a circular motion as well. It may not be an even sheen but that's what we love about our antique look.

This step can be repeated for added durability and we use as furniture polish for all future cleaning needs of the piece.


Beeswax is an environmentally friendly solution to other harsh and chemical based top coats and sealers.


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