allow growth


I remember the day we got the keys and we started dreaming the dream.  It feels like yesterday, yet the months have gone by with little progress.

We are now into Month 4 of renovations, permits, licenses, inspections etc…. Honestly had someone told me back in June that it was going to be this much heart ache and so many delays, I am not sure I would have moved forward.

I look at it like this, no baby was born without some pain, delays, much heart ache, fear and that was just the pregnancy.  This is very much like the pregnancy stage of my business.  And like a baby, you can’t rush them, nor control them.  You simply continue to nuture them and allow fear to become joy.


My Spiritual Guider had very politely notified me ahead of time, that I was not going to be in control of the timelines, and that it simply meant that other things need to be accompolished for everything to fall into place.


How true, during the time of delays, I have packed and moved my daughter off to college, which I woud not have had time to do so well if the shoppe had been ready.  My Father has had some very intensive surgery requiring my assistance here and there, but again during times that if my shoppe were open I would not have been able to accommodate.


So yes everything happens for a reason, at its own pace.  You can’t force anything to grow faster than it should without causing harm.


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  • Carey McClement