a moment of reflection


"blustery winter wonderland"


In this moment I realise my ability to manifest and create the life of my dreams.  For many years I have practised, studied and continued to learn all I can about manifestation and the law of attraction.

My struggle has always been the "how"  I have always known what I want deep down inside.  I have always been able to imagine and feel the thought of having it.  But where I struggled was the how.  

How could I have the life I wanted?

How could I have the business and career of my dreams?

how how how???

And the How is trust. Faith. Patience. Honesty.

The how just presents itself.  Let me tell you my story.

I have always wanted to open a Vintage / Thirft Store.  Since I was a little girl, I would always play store and pretend I ran a store myself.

I come from a hard working family, I was taught and raised that you go to school, get good grades, get a job and become a active member of the community.

Now I tried that, I really did.  But in the last 18 years while raising my children, I have only managed to "fit in" to the working world for 7 years.  All with challenges.  I guess I don't like being told what to do.  I also never saw myself in any of these roles.

I did what I had to do to make life work.  In October 2015 I lost my job and boom....  I was given an open door of change.  I embraced it and moved forward.

Fast forward....... to now!!!!  I am just about to open the doors on my 3000 square foot Vintage Market that will also host two art studios/class room settings for rent and use in the community.

How did I get here?  It was a bunch of series of crazy and chaotic events. some of which really could have ended my business if I chose to allow them.  I encountered some great personalities that spun me in directions I didn't know I was going to go in.

I met the right person, at the right moment.  I shared with him my dream.  And he said "Let's do it"  A complete stranger, willing to embark on 6 months of renovations, city planners and many obstacles that could have stopped anyone else.

But you know what, he didn't stop.  For some reason I found my "how" in an amazing stranger and a random kijiji ad.

It has taken a great bit of risk to gain this success, sleep is not plentiful.  But honestly when you mind runs like mine does, you get used to it.  

If there is one thing I have learnt along this journey, its simply that every obstacle is given to you to learn.  So embrace the obstacle, learn from it and teach others.

I aim to have a retail space filled with confident vendors that provide their craft with love.  Ones that provide all their wares out of passion for the art.

I aim to have a studio space that is available for Artists, Artisans, Photographers, Event Planners, Teachers, Authors at a reasonable price to accommodate a new community space with unique age old characteristics.

I aim to host classes and hire the best teachers for all my Do-It-Yourself'rs

We can't wait to meet you!  

Thanks  for reading






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  • Carey McClement