New Year, New Inspiration


Someday's I second guess my choice to do this.  I have to hate every project before I love it and this gets frustrating.  Don't ask me why I have this love hate relationship with all my pieces.  

Everything that I create comes from my mind, I can literally look at a piece and decide what technique I want to try.  I am thankful to have such amazing clients that trust me!!  

I will be providing tips and tricks on my blog on Tuesdays for anyone interested in learning the techniques I use.  Most probably unconventional, you will absolutely get dirty if you work my way.  And I am sure a couple of times you will cringe when you see how messy I am when I get creative.  (Ask my family, they often go unfed for days; don't fell bad they are plenty old enough to figure it out :) )

My plan for 2016 is to continue working with individuals to upcycle, makeover their existing quality furniture to go with their new decor.  Everyone enjoys a change, but purchasing new tables and chairs etc... can get very costly.  So I provide a cost effective way to re-use your existing furniture.  Along side that I want to be on your team of design to create the vision with all the fine details you need.  I will shop and find the pieces for you.  

I can't wait for a successful 2016.  I leave you with a few custom finishes I have done this week.


xo Lucy 




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