shiny wears off

shiny wears off
what one may consider to be junk, is typically my treasure.  I believe that there is beauty is all things forgotten and no longer wanted.  When we get something new we love it and we think "wow, I will keep this forever"  but the shiny wears off.  
like the excitement of a child getting a new toy, that they had to have, but then just months later is not used and discarded in the corner.  The shiny wears off.
my mind always sees shiny, and ways to make things beautiful.  I love it.  I truly believe your home is the clearest most direct reflection of yourself (unless you are brandon (he is my other half) then your home is a reflection of who you decided to share it with)
well here are some of my new shiny pieces that will be available shortly 
but if you love it, ask about it right away, as many learnt at my open house, things go quick!!
Happy Thirfting, upcycling, auctioning, shopping
xo Lucy


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