t'is the season for thanks

t'is the season for thanks



What a joyous day I had yesterday!  My first ever Open House, and what a success!  I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that came and actually shopped.  
Just moments before opening the door, I sat in my kitchen with my closest friends and said " well, just promise me that when no one shows up, you will all get drunk with me as I cry to myself"  they laughed, and they encouraged me along the way.
I could never have pulled it off without them.  Lucy's angels.  I look forward to hosting many more open houses.  And now that the 1st one went without a hitch and was successful, I won't be as nervous :)
Next thing is to prepare for the upcoming booth I will be opening a the local antique market by me. I am so happy to have a mini store front space, as one of my favourite things is to put together layouts and staging.
Here are a few shots from my open house displays.
Hope you enjoy
xo Lucy
Happy thrifting! Happy upcycling!  and if you can't find it on these pages, let me know and I will find it for you :)

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