lucypearlle's dream awakens

lucypearlle's dream awakens

The journey of opening  I am pleased to have finally made the decision to move forward with opening my store.  This is my dream and passion.  It was a Sunday afternoon when Brandon and I decided to go to Shakespeare, a beautiful small town just minutes up the road.  We just moved to this town.  Leaving the city behind us to explore a different life.  Who would have thought, this has introduced me to what I really need to do in my life.

I believe in the Law of Attraction and all that matters is that you know what you want.  The how doesn’t matter, that’s not for me to worry about.

So now what?  Well now begins the journey of planning what I want.   So here begins the Journey of Building my dream.  I welcome you to all join me on this journey. The ups and the downs and I am sure all arounds.

My vision is to have a retail store with a studio, a place where I can do my art and sell the beautiful things I find.  To begin I have decided an online store fits for the beginning of my dream.  I live in a beautiful home that is easily able to accommodate the inventory and classes, so why not use what I already have?!?!

With my website launch just a mere weeks away I have got a lot of work to do.  Planning, photos, ad development, painting, designing, and everything in between.

My love of home décor and really believing that your home is a direct reflection of you, provides me the talent to scout, find and create brilliant ideas for pieces most would have thrown away. 

As you find your way thru the pages on my site, my goal is for you to find something you love.  Something that speaks to you, something that is uniquely yours.  All items are pre-loved keeping items out of the landfill and reminding people that beauty can be found in another’s trash.

Pearlle’s Vintage jewellery and accessories is a collection of costume jewellery that will compliment any outfit for any occasion.

Lucy’s Furniture Makeover is a gorgeous collection of hand finished, hand painted, art pieces to accent your home with your style.

Lucypearlle’s Thrift Shop is pre-loved home furnishings.


Happy shopping!  Happy Thrifting! 

Love Lucy 






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